Demand development:

  • During 2019 all efforts will be focused on activating the demand within health, logistics, environmental quality, agri-food and utilities industries.
  • For each sector, a particular approach and roadmap are defined, aiming to bring together the IoT ecosystem’s supply with the demand. In order to carry them out, firstly, technological dissemination workshops adapted to each vertical are performed, through informative pills and bringing up success stories. Afterwards, industry challenges from main demand aggregator agents are collected and shared with the Alliance’s members. Finally, the process is concluded at a brokerage event where supply and demand explore potential matches in a B2B session.
  • Each sector is developed independently from the rest; therefore, specific working groups are put in place. The industries to work with are updated every year.

Networking and collaboration:

Networking activities amongst members are encouraged across different activities and events, as well as collaboration is stimulated to jointly apply to both national and international calls.

Visibility of the Alliance and its members:

The Alliance participates in different congresses and conferences to publicize its community as well as its members, who are benefited from the IoT Catalan Alliance brand.

Dynamization of the Alliance:

A set of activities are performed to dynamize the IoT cluster:

  • In-house events: industries to be developed and annual objectives are presented and networking is encouraged amongst the community members.
  • IoTSWC Conference: an open event of the Alliance is performed at the IoT Solutions World Congress held in Barcelona, allowing its members to share their experiences and solutions to a distinguished IoT audience and industry experts.
  • New sectors: synergies and collaborations with other sectors are explored to create and develop new business opportunities.
  • Professional profiles: universities and training centers are visited regularly to promote and facilitate the transfer of IoT field professionals into member companies of the Alliance.

Urban Lab:

The IoT Catalan Alliance provides access to an urban laboratory allowing its members to test early solutions in real scenarios, through the agreement of the Alliance with several Catalan municipalities. This lab, called SmartCatalonia Laboratory, is available to all members of the IoT Catalan Alliance who have products that are in the development phase or prototypes, being close to the market, but require to validate the solution.

Additionally, the Alliance has agreements with other technical laboratories, offering a testbed to perform technical tests, measurements and pilots for its members.