IoT Catalan Alliance

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging sector with great potential for economic growth and employment generation. Currently only 1% of things are connected, but it is expected that in 2020 there will be about 50 billion devices connected to the Internet, which represents about 7 devices per inhabitant.

The IoT Catalan Alliance is promoted by the Government of Catalonia within the SmartCatalonia strategy to accelerate the adoption of IoT technologies in our country. The Alliance is constituted by companies and organizations that are directly involved within the IoT value chain.

The constitution of this group allows to establish the ideal environment so that the key agents of this industry discuss among themselves with the aim of jointly defining an action plan to promote the IoT in Catalonia.

The Alliance fosters synergies amongst its members acting as an enabler to jointly define the IoT roadmap in Catalonia.

The goals of the IoT Catalan Alliance are:

  • Identifying companies and organizations working on IoT field.
  • Exploring their knowledge, capabilities, pitfalls and needs.
  • Encouraging knowledge exchange, collaboration and synergies amongst its members.
  • Offering a greater presence and business opportunities to all agents within the value chain.
  • Working on behalf of the IoT community in front of the Administration, regulators, policy makers and standardization bodies.

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